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[O] "git describe" in version of info file with "make info_git_describe"

From: Michael Brand
Subject: [O] "git describe" in version of info file with "make info_git_describe"
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 16:11:51 +0200

Hi Bernt, hi all

I appreciate that org-version adds the output of "git describe" to the
org-version string if we are running
from a git repository. Thanks to Bernt et al:

Now I suggest the same for the info file by using the new target "make
info_git_describe" instead of "make info" for all who are running from
a git repository and are not building a release. I am about to finish
a patch for this but before posting it would like to know the reason
for "(subst-char-in-string ?- ?. git-version t)" in org-version here:

Can I remove this substitution of "release_7.5-350-g3433" ->
"release_7.5.350.g3433" from org-version in my patch or should "make
info_git_describe" do the same and why?


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