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Re: [O] [Orgmode] S5 export

From: Pierre de Buyl
Subject: Re: [O] [Orgmode] S5 export
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 09:45:16 -0400

If welcomed, I have a few comments related to how I currently use this
function (I have a talk coming soon :-) )

Certainly, I'm happy to hear your feedback.

I have the most recent version of my code up in a git repository
available at [1], with the file defining the `org-export-as-s5' function
up at [2].

I can't clone the repository.
$ git clone http://gitweb.adaptive.cs.unm.edu/org-S5.git
Cloning into org-S5...
warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.

I could get a snapshot however, from the web interface.

    - If all "star" headlines become slides, it quickly leads to
awkward layouts with empty slides below one star headings.

Agreed, for this reason `org-export-headline-levels' is set to 1.

      I made a modification to the code to choose only one star
headings as slides. This way, level 2 headings can be used as "in
slide" headings.
      I used an (if (looking-at "^\\* ") XXX) in the preprocess hook
for that.

I think using the `org-export-headline-levels' variable should be an
easier way to implement this.  See line 29 of the current code where
this variable is set.

Oh, looking more closely, I see why you've made this change.  Even
though it shouldn't affect the output it seems wasteful to add the
'html-container-class property to non-top-level headlines. I've added a
slight modification of your change to my code.
Also, you cannot CSS properties for level 2 headlines, for instance.

With your modification, it is still not possible to use level 2 headings in a slide with proper CSS formatting.

    - An actual "title page" seems more appropriate, so I added one
with "title author date" as h1,h2 and h3 headings.

Great idea.  I've updated my code to include two customizable format
strings (`org-s5-title-string-fmt' and `org-s5-title-page-fmt') which
can be used to specify the title string shown at the bottom of each
page, and the title page respectively.
Ok, but how should one set that ?
I have the feeling that defining variables is not an easy approach.
For instance, can it be set as a text field in the file ?
Ok, I just read it and they are taken from the regular title author and date variables.

The css need to be tweaked a little bit to get nice results.
My modified org-export-as-s5 function is attached.

I also posted an example online. It it exported from the file s5-
test.org with the function defined in the attached file. The css is
very slightly modified.
The "scientific content" of the talk is incomplete, this is normal :-/


Very nice, I really like the title page addition, and it's great to see
pictures, code and latex equations in a single example presentation.

I have an example with a simple theme I wrote available online [3].
Just yesterday I added a page to Worg [4] with instructions for using
this new function which links to my simple example presentation. If you
don't mind sharing your example publicly I think it would make a great
addition to this worg page.

You can post all of that, source and everything, on worg. It should just not rely on links to my page for the pictures, if possible.

In general, I think this new S5 export option is turning into a very
useful addition to Org-mode.

Cheers -- Eric

It is especially useful for presentations with source code, in my opinion.


For those reading, I'll mention that using the html export, as done
here, allows to include syntax-highlighted code and LaTeX equations
very easily.



Le 1 juin 11 à 18:41, Eric Schulte a écrit :

Hi Pierre,

I've taken your very thorough S5 instructions and converted them
into a
single `org-export-as-s5' function.  The attached archive file holds
s5.org Org-mode file which defines this function, as well as the ui
directory required for S5, and an html file which results from calling
the `org-export-as-s5' function in the s5.org file.

For now the results are also posted up at

Thanks for the clear explanation which lead to such an easy
into elisp.  Please let me know if you think this should be
augmented in
any way, or if the defined function throws any errors on your system.

Best -- Eric

Pierre de Buyl <address@hidden> writes:


After a lot a reading of org-exp.el and org-html.el I finally figured
out the
existence of the "HTML_CONTAINER_CLASS" property.

I could then figure a minimal way to make a s5 presentation.
Minimal in the sens of minimum difference with the html exporter.

After setting a few STYLE and OPTIONS lines in an org file,
three steps are needed:
1. Set the HTML_CONTAINER_CLASS to "slide" on level 1 headings
2. Set org-export-html-toplevel-hlevel to "1", so that slide titles
behave properly
3. Replace in the html output
<div id="content">
<div class="layout">
<div id="controls"><!-- DO NOT EDIT --></div>
<div id="currentSlide"><!-- DO NOT EDIT --></div>
<div id="header"></div>
<div id="footer">
<h1>Interactive Python plotting</h1>

<div class="presentation">

You need the "ui" directory from the S5 archive to make it work
indeed, http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/ .
I attach an example org file and the resulting html (which was
according to step 3).


Le 3 févr. 11 à 12:23, Bastien a écrit :

Hi Pierre,

Pierre de Buyl <address@hidden> writes:

S5 allows one to present a slideshow in a web browser, even full
screen for
some browsers.
I know that the topic has come here already, but I actually hacked
excellent org-html.el export file to produde a S5 slideshow with

This looks useful.

By reading your code, I see org-export-as-s5 is a variation over

I would welcome an approach where we factor out some elements of
org-export-as-html, so that exporting to s5 would just require the
user to customize those elements.

Does that seem reasonable to you?  Would you volunteer to make
org-export-as-html a bit more general?  Even a precise comparison
of org-export-as-s5 against org-export-as-html would be helpful at
this point.



[1]  http://gitweb.adaptive.cs.unm.edu/org-S5.git

[2] http://gitweb.adaptive.cs.unm.edu/org-S5.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/ org-export-as-s5.el

[3]  http://cs.unm.edu/~eschulte/notes/s5/s5.html

[4] http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/non-beamer- presentations.html

Eric Schulte

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