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[O] Feature request: two-letter combination for org-capture

From: Darlan Cavalcante Moreira
Subject: [O] Feature request: two-letter combination for org-capture
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 18:18:15 -0300
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Hello list,

A nice feature of the org-agenda is the possibility to define two letter
combinations for the custom commands. From the manual I could not see how
to do this with org-capture and I'm guessing it is not possible right now.

Of course one can always define a single letter template for each
situation, but the same goes for the org-agenda and two-letter templates
can help a lot with the organization (also finding good letter choices).

Some use-case scenarios I can imagine:
 - Add todo items to specific projects (I know you can refile the note
   during the capture process, but this would be faster). All of the
   letters "t" and a project specific letter
 - Add a contact to a specific category: people using org-contacts could
   define different templates for work contacts and personal contacts, for
 - Add a line to a specific table: Suppose you use tables in org to
   organize your expenses, but you have multiple tables, one for each kind
   of expense. You would be able to add one expense to a specific table
   (I'm not sure if refile from the capture buffer even works in this
 - Etc.

Darlan Cavalcante

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