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Re: [O] Matplotlib (Python) plots inline

From: Torsten Bronger
Subject: Re: [O] Matplotlib (Python) plots inline
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011 09:30:57 +0200
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Pierre de Buyl writes:

> I have success with the following:
> #+begin_src python :results output raw :exports results
>   import numpy, matplotlib, matplotlib.pyplot
>   figure = matplotlib.pyplot.figure()
>   axes = figure.add_subplot(111, title=u"Hello", xlabel="x", ylabel="y")
>   x = numpy.arange(-10, 10, 0.1)
>   axes.plot(x, x**2)
>   figure.savefig("/tmp/plot_test.png")
>   figure.clf()
>   print "[[/tmp/plot_test.png]]"
> #+end_src
> You get only the figure as a result, and not the code.
> This method executes the code at each export.

Thanks also for your answer, however, one should write

    print "[" + "[/tmp/plot_test.png]]"

or something like this in order to prevent the string literal from
being substituted by the bitmap.


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