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Re: [O] [PATCH] Bugfix for heading levels when toggling from list

From: Michael Brand
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Bugfix for heading levels when toggling from list
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 13:13:17 +0200

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 09:54, Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:
> I would happily apply your patch, but could you explain, before, what
> bugs are solved by it ? Thank you.

BTW, your bugfix commit mentioned by me was not buggy at all, it just
unleashed (before I wrongly wrote "introduced") this buglet hidden
before: "C-c *" on an item inside heading and only with "odd":
#+begin_src org
  ,#+STARTUP: odd
  ,* section
  ,  - item
expected: 3 stars, buglet: 2 stars

The second buglet, found in the source code while resolving the first:
"M-1 C-c *" on an item before first heading:
#+begin_src org
  ,- item
expected: 1 star, buglet: 2 stars

According to my understanding of the source code of org-toggle-heading
I expect no other buglet with "C-c *" on items or body text. At least
I found no buglet left when testing my changes with the necessary
combinations to cover all 4 cases within each of both "cond" and both
"if nstar" in the source code region I changed:
- no region / region with body text lines or one item nested in one item
- item(s) / body text line(s)
- before first heading / inside heading
- "C-c *" / "M-1 C-c *" / "M-2 C-c *"
- #+STARTUP: oddeven / odd
Quite a rigorous testing :-)


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