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[O] [babel] variable org-babel-function-def-export-keyword not respected

From: Erik Iverson
Subject: [O] [babel] variable org-babel-function-def-export-keyword not respected?
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2011 21:56:20 -0500
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At some point in the distant org past, I seem to recall that named source code blocks were exported with their names in tact. Now (latest git pull, Org-mode version 7.5 (release_7.5.367.gc4737)) the code is only exported, and not the name of the block. For example, export the following to HTML.

* a block
here's a named block
#+source: rand(n)
#+begin_src R

This seems in conflict with the doc-string for the following variable.

(defvar org-babel-function-def-export-keyword "function"
  "The keyword to substitute for the source name line on export.
When exporting a source block function, this keyword will
appear in the exported version in the place of source name
line. A source block is considered to be a source block function
if the source name is present and is followed by a parenthesized
argument list. The parentheses may be empty or contain
whitespace. An example is the following which generates n random
\(uniform) numbers.

#+source: rand(n)
#+begin_src R

Am I interpreting this correctly?



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