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[O] Long table, landscape or sideways, LaTeX PDF

From: Alan E. Davis
Subject: [O] Long table, landscape or sideways, LaTeX PDF
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:50:40 +1000

I have to apologize first, as I had this working at home, to some extent.  Not well.  I have to submit a printout of   grades, today, if possible, and I've been struggling with it.   Can't find the cookbook formula!   (I would like to use the \footnotesize feature also).  So far I've had to go through each table, deleting long words, and deleting some fields.  WOuld rather have some way to do it as is.

How to do this?  The table should break over two pages.  It would seem to me that some combination of sidewaystable and longtable might do it.

Thanks in advance.  And sorry for the bandwidth.

Alan Davis

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