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[O] Time-proportional agenda view

From: Jacek Generowicz
Subject: [O] Time-proportional agenda view
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:53:59 +0200


When viewing the agenda, I would like to get an immediate visual clue
about the time-span of entries. For example, if I have the following

* Boring meeting
    <2011-06-15 Wed 08:00>--<2011-06-15 Wed 13:00>
* Lunch with mistress
    <2011-06-15 Wed 13:00>--<2011-06-15 Wed 14:00>

my agenda would (visually) suggest that there is a short Boring
meeting, followed by copious free time, followed by a Lunch with
mistress of approximately the same length as the Boring
meeting. Perhaps something like this

 8:00...... --------------------
 9:00-13:00 Boring Meeting
10:00...... --------------------
11:00...... --------------------
12:00...... --------------------
13:00-14:00 Lunch with mistress

Whereas the following gives clearer immediate visual clues about how
the time is distributed.

 8:00...... --------------------
 9:00-13:00 Boring Meeting
10:00...... Boring Meeting
11:00...... Boring Meeting
12:00...... Boring Meeting
13:00-14:00 Lunch with mistress

In other words, the Boring meeting is scheduled to run *right up to*
Lunch with mistress: this is made clear by the latter style, but in
the former style I would have to read the time range indicated on the
Boring meeting line and work out that it eats up all the time until
Lunch with mistress.

Is there some way of getting agenda views to look more like the latter
example?  Is there some pretty agenda view export functionality that
gives better geometric reflection of the time spans of entries? (I
suspect that overlapping entries would get very messy when represented
by text, but could be dealt with elegantly in a more graphical medium.)

Thank you.

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