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Re: [O] Literate Programming - Continue a Source Block?

From: Neeum Zawan
Subject: Re: [O] Literate Programming - Continue a Source Block?
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:37:45 -0700

Eric Schulte <address@hidden> writes:
> It would be possible to also implement the concatenation behavior during
> noweb expansion, however I'd prefer to first wait for a response to my
> recent other email to this thread asking for a more clear explication of
> existing noweb behavior.
> The only remaining times when such concatenation behavior could be
> implemented would be during block reference expansion, and during block
> evaluation, but I think expanding at those times would be unnecessary
> and confusing.

I'm having trouble understanding the difference between what you discuss
in the first paragraph and in the second. What's the difference between
noweb expansion and block reference expansion?

As for actual noweb behavior, I don't really know - will have to play
with it and let you know...

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