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Re: [O] latex checkboxes

From: Skip Collins
Subject: Re: [O] latex checkboxes
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 10:45:07 -0400

>> Then, what about setting :cbtrans to "\\texttt{[-]}" and
>> `org-export-latex-list-parameters' to nil, instead of "$\\boxminus$" and
>> '(:cbon "$\\boxtimes$" :cboff "$\\Box$"), respectively?
> I'm fine with that - Skip? Tom? Others? If this does end up being the case,
> then Skip's \parbox method can be integrated into Tom's LaTeX tutorial
> or as a separate hack on Worg.

Adding configurability for cbon, cboff, and cbtrans is the most important thing.

Philosophically, the whole point of exporting to LaTeX or HTML is to
take a plain text representation of lists, checkboxes, etc., and turn
it into a nice presentation format. So I don't quite agree that the
LaTeX output should mirror the appearance of the org file with a
monospaced font. If so, then logically list bullets should be exported
as hyphens. My preference would be that the default LaTeX (and html)
outputs should use the features of those formats to make the output
look nice. Within reason, of course.

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