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[O] freshly setting up MobileOrg and org-id-add-location problem

From: ishi soichi
Subject: [O] freshly setting up MobileOrg and org-id-add-location problem
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 17:15:52 +0900

org-mode 7.4 
MacOSX SnowLeopard

Hi. I have tried to re-set-up the MobileOrg environment using Dropbox.

I have succeeded in creating and making use of MobileOrg application before, so the procedure of setting up should be OK.

I wrote the directory of org files and so on...

Then I implemented "org-mobile-push" but it gives a long error like

org-id-add-location: Wrong type argument: hash-table-p, (("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "5CFEA79D-5E11-406B-8C63-2DAE8DFC619B") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "4D2E2BF7-8245-4B52-9F54-9C312255CF61") ("~/Dropbox/Org/web_service.org" "2C4C4F7F-C193-4DB0-910F-9171F590A5D0") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "8B559866-07C8-45C0-8C53-37A3A42CF10B") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "5B591CDD-6335-436C-9CDF-FA3272A9318B") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "2339B93C-66AB-4715-9789-545A506ADA8B") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "9FE39471-3919-4354-BBF9-363278FE2261") ("~/Dropbox/Org/web_service.org" "BB07BF21-53A4-4DA9-B708-422FB045E176") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "9A7DF4AB-EAB2-437B-B97E-1A8CB331B508") ("~/Dropbox/Org/main-todo.org" "F8DCA33A-B480-4E03-8DEF-47913C66555A") ...)

It shows the id's of the old set-up.  And I found the file, ".org-id-locations" which is in ~/.emacs.d/ directory.
So, I erased it and restarted Emacs, but the same problem occurred.  Every time Emacs starts, it seems to create the file, .org-id-locations.

I think that this is the problem but not sure how to deal with it.

Could anyone help me out ?


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