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[O] FSF France supporting Org-mode since March and Flattr

From: Bastien
Subject: [O] FSF France supporting Org-mode since March and Flattr
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:41:46 +0200
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I'm glad to announce that The Free Software Foundation France* is
supporting Org's development by a large donation of 100€ each month.

Thanks a lot to the FSF France for this!  (http://fsffrance.org)

I will happily share this amount with the rest of the Org community by
sponsoring OrgCamps or other events around the world -- just ask.

>From this donation, 15$ will go each month to help John Wiegley pay the
server expenses for the Patchwork bug tracker.  Thanks to John for the
maintainance of this service.  We will use it as long as we need it --
so please send patches !

Org is also using Flattr -- not only to _be flattr'd_ but also to let
other projects know that we like them.  So, if people want to flattr
some projects, just suggest them on the mailing list (with a [FLTR] 
label in the subject of the email) and I'll flattr the project for you.
The monthly amount dedicated to flattr is 10€ so far, but I could raise
it if people find it useful.

Worg pages are open to personal flattr buttons: if you take special care
of a particular page or directory and want to be flattr'd (either by the
Anonymous Surfer or by the Org community itself), please ask me to add
such a flattr button - I'll let Matt Lundin, as the Great Worg Gardner,
decide whether it's relevant or not in each case.

Thanks to all, happy Org'ing!


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