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Re: [O] a window with my agenda at all times

From: D M German
Subject: Re: [O] a window with my agenda at all times
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:47:19 -0400
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Hi Erick,

 Eric> D M German <address@hidden> writes:
 >> Hi everybody,
 >> I struggle to keep (in emacs) a window with the agenda at all times. If
 >> anybody has any pointers on how to get a window or a frame to "stick" at
 >> all times with the contents of a frame, and basically be ignored from
 >> any window-related command (split, kill, etc), I would be grateful.
 >> For a long time I have wanted a sticky window that keeps this
 >> information. Like a sticky note on my desktop (think a widget in
 >> Android). 

 Eric> I can't answer your question directly but I have done this in the past
 Eric> by using /conky/ to display the contents of a file (updating
 Eric> automatically) where the file is created by Emacs to consist of the
 Eric> output of the agenda command.  This elisp snippet writes out the agenda
 Eric> to a specified file (untested):

      (org-batch-agenda "a")
      (org-write-agenda "some-file-name"))

I do something similar, but in the "after-save-hook"

(defun dmg-org-update-agenda-file (&optional force)
      (let ((file "/tmp/agenda.html"))
        (org-write-agenda file)))))

 Eric> In conky, you can use the /head/ directive to output a specified number
 Eric> of lines.

 Eric> Conky can write to the root window (i.e. the screen) or to a window.
 Eric> The former works better, in my opinion, but this may depend on the
 Eric> window manager you use.

Thanks for the hint. Sometimes the problem is knowing the name of a tool.

I though about doing something like this, but I wanted rendering in
HTML. Searching on the Internet I found an alternative that does HTML 


I think at the end it is a matter of taste. With my utility a window is
created with scrollbars if the agenda is too large.

But it seems to be making a difference to me, which is what matters ;)


 Eric> HTH,
 Eric> eric

 Eric> -- 
 Eric> : Eric S Fraga (GnuPG: 0xC89193D8FFFCF67D) in Emacs
 Eric> : using Org-mode version 7.5 (release_7.5.461.g6d18)

Daniel M. German                  
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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