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Re: [O] worg page problem?

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] worg page problem?
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 14:59:08 +0200
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Hi Nick,

Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:

> But it's not clear to me why \and and \or appear in the list: as far
> as LaTeX is concerned, they are not symbols (afaik): they are boolean
> operators in the ifthen package. Similarly for \divide which is an
> arithmetic operator in the calc package.

I removed \and \or and \divide.

> OTOH, there are several symbols which seem to be misspelled:
> \Agrav        \Agrav    -> should be \Agrave
> \Aacut        \Aacut    -> should be \Aacute
> \Atild        \Atild    -> should be \Atilde

I fixed those.

> Â     \Acirc

This I don't understand -- what is the error?


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