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Re: [O] Fwd: Exporting latex without preamble

From: Rafael Calsaverini
Subject: Re: [O] Fwd: Exporting latex without preamble
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 11:20:08 -0300

Hi Bastien,

I was planning to use this to create an automated platform for writing
my PhD thesis.The plan was to use org to edit separate files
corresponding to the chapters of the thesis. Those chapters would then
be exported to latex and included (preferably by an automated tool) in
a master file that takes care of administrative boilerplate
(preambles, cover sheets, boring style configurations, etc, etc...).

The idea was to separate latex boilerplate from the text itself. I
must use all kinds of custom styles in latex to conform to my
university norms, and I wanted to start to write the text in a way
that was independent of this boilerplate and only care about it when I
must compile a "distribution version".

I guess I'll have to try to do this differently. What I really was
interested in doing is a "org-thesis" or "org-text-production"
package, in the spirit of "org-babel" or "org2blog". But I don't know
much of lisp to be honest (the only functional language I'm familiar
with is haskell). My original idea involved a huge makefile and some
python scripts, which seems to be a sub-optimal solution. I also
played a bit with using an org master file to include each chapters,
but I had some problems.

Anyway, if you have any kind of tip or suggestion about this, I'm
really interested! :D

Rafael Calsaverini
Dep. de Física Geral, Sala 336
Instituto de Física - Universidade de São Paulo

CEL: (11) 7525-6222
USP: (11) 3091-6803

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 20:05, Bastien <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> Rafael Calsaverini <address@hidden> writes:
>> is it possible to export an org file to latex with no preamble and no
>> \begin{document}??
> Not at the moment.  Is it something you need regularily?
> --
>  Bastien

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