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Re: [O] ob-lilypond

From: Martyn Jago
Subject: Re: [O] ob-lilypond
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 06:38:33 +0000 (UTC)
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> If Shelagh hasn't actually authored any of ob-lilypond.el (or at least      
> hasn't authored more than 10 lines of) then we could simply remove her
> name from the authors list and include it into the Org-mode core.  This
> however may not be the best long-term solution if you anticipate her
> increased participation later-on in the project.  Please let me know
> (soon) if you would like me to make this change.

I've modified the author status in my repository.

> Ultimately this points to the more general issue of how to include Babel
> language-specific tests into the Org-mode test suite s.t. they can be
> executed independently of the core of the test suite.
> Thanks -- Eric

My unit-tests don't currently require the Lilypond to be initialised "as a babel
language" nor a Lilypond executable AFAICT, so currently they possibly don't
need to be run "independently". I'll investigate this further. 

> >

One distinction that has occurred to me (especially following comments on 
the mailing list) is that of "babel language" and "babel language work-flow".
In other words, I can visualise refactoring ob-lilypond to be no more than
a specification of the Lilypond syntax, and working in parallel, on a 
work-flow implementation for Lilypond that is "opinionated" in terms of 
adjusting org-babel settings away from their defaults / removing work-flow 
noise etc. ( org-lilypond.el ) ? Would this make sense, and if so where would 
it live (aligned to org-babel / a native Emacs mode perhaps)? 
I hope that makes sense.



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