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[O] manually move tasks in list of agenda tags-todo

From: Michael Brand
Subject: [O] manually move tasks in list of agenda tags-todo
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 08:44:39 +0200

Hi all

I would like to know from those who want to or do manually order their
tasks in the custom agenda block of type "tags-todo":
- how do you manually order the tasks
- how do you later change their order
- your comments on the following description about how I currently try
  to achieve this

My custom agenda view has several blocks of type "tags-todo". Ordering
of one block is done by priorities manually added. The tasks of one
block may be spread over several agenda files and ordered there
differently. There are no two blocks with the same task. One of these
blocks may look like:
TODO [#A] foo
TODO [#B] bar
TODO [#C] bla bla
TODO [#D] ble
TODO [#E] bli
TODO [#F] blo
TODO [#G] blu
Another block might have tasks with [#A] to [#E] etc.

Later I want to move the task blo to the top within the above block:
1) move point to line foo
2) repeat 5x "S-<down>, <down>" to decrease the priorities by one
3) ", a" to assign priority A
4) "g" to update sort order

The resulting view is still as expected:
TODO [#A] blo
TODO [#B] foo
TODO [#C] bar
TODO [#D] bla bla
TODO [#E] ble
TODO [#F] bli
TODO [#G] blu

But this is not as comfortable to do as I would like it to be when
moving around tasks often.

The simplest way I can think of would be to use M-<up>/M-<down> (yet
unused in the agenda view) to change the necessary priorities and to
update the view so that after each repetition of M-<up>/M-<down> the
task would move up or down one line. Similar to how now
M-<up>/M-<down> moves an outline subtree, a list item subtree or a
table row. What do you think about that?

Note 1: This way the priorities are used only to order each agenda
block of type "tags-todo". I don't use priorities outside the agenda
view and regarding priorities agree with this post also quoting David
Allen (GTD):

Note 2: The agenda bulk command with custom functions for increasing
and decreasing the priority is for me even less comfortable because
this needs to mark 5x and then the bulk command that has to be
directed to the function.


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