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[O] LaTex export: How to use `csquotes' and `\enquote{}'

From: Frederik
Subject: [O] LaTex export: How to use `csquotes' and `\enquote{}'
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 18:54:47 +0200
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Hi there!

I just started using org-mode - what a fantastic piece of software!

Now I wonder how to make use of one of the best LaTeX-packages out there: `csquotes'. I figured out how to include the package in the header by altering the corresponding variable, but I didn't find any hint how to make use of the `\enquote' command provided by `csquotes'.

I don't want my quotes to be quoted like this:
        ``Das ist ein Test''
but like this:
        \enquote{Das ist ein Test}

I searched the web and found some feature requests on this list concerning `csquotes' but the documentation and worg don't mention this topic - except for http://orgmode.org/worg/org-faq.html where `csquotes' is included in a source code listing, but there is no further explanation.

Is there a way to use `csquotes'?

Any hints would be appreciated - Thanks & regards


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