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Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:16:32 +0200
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Christopher Allan Webber <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Christopher,

> Also, cfw:open-org-calendar works, but things seem really slow... it
> looks like you're recalculating the entire orgmode agenda for every
> day.  I wonder if things could be sped up if the orgmode agenda was
> calculated for the entire period all at once and then broke that up
> into days?

For me, creating a custom org agenda with the next 21 days takes not
much less than building an calfw calendar buffer with 42 days.  It's
about one second for the former and 2 seconds for the latter, so it
seems calfw does the right thing.

One thing which I'm currently missing is that the calfw entries gathered
from org are missing the times (if that's specified using the 'time text
property) and are sorted in an order I can't understand.  For example,
my org agenda for yesterday was

  uni:        08:30-10:00 Übung GST SS 2011 (B 013)          :agebert:teaching::
  uni:        14:30-16:30 AG Ebert-Treffen                            :agebert::
  uni:        Deadline:   DONE CoffeeList-Blatt 25 mal drucken 

which is shown as

  | 5 (3)         |
  |AG Ebert-Tre...|
  |DONE CoffeeL...|
  |Übung GST SS...|
  |               |
  |               |
  |               |
  |               |

I think it would be good if the sorting was by time (items with no time
at the bottom) and the time was visible somehow, for example in the

Another thing: If you have several split windows and calfw selects a
window very narrow in height (or there are simply too many items for
some day), then not all items are shown.  That would be ok if there was
some indication that some items are missing.


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