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Re: [O] Babel: 1st version for music notation language Fomus

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] Babel: 1st version for music notation language Fomus
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 19:38:51 -0600
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Hi Torsten,

Thanks for sharing this, it looks great, short clear and to the point.

Shall I add it to the contrib/ directory?

Best -- Eric

Torsten Anders <address@hidden> writes:

> Dear Babel developers, 
> Inspired by the newly available Lilypond, I hacked up a first version
> of language support for Fomus
> (http://fomus.sourceforge.net/). Briefly, Fomus is a music notation
> system that translates a relatively simple domain specific music
> language into multiple output formats, including Lilypond and MusicXML
> (the latter is an open format supported by many commercial music
> notation systems such as Finale and Sibelius). In a nutshell, Fomus
> can simplify the generation of complex scores, because it can add
> various score information automatically. Anyway, please find my first
> attempt of a Fomus integration attached.
> This works already fine for standard code blocks such as the following. Note 
> that the result of this is a Lilypond file.
> #+begin_src fomus :file test1.ly
>   time 0 dur 2 pitch 60; 
>   time 2 dur 1 pitch 62; 
>   time 3 dur 1 pitch 63; 
>   time 4 dur 4 pitch 65; 
> #+end_src
> Of course, because this is a quick hack, various improvements can be
> made. For example, it might be a good idea to allow for something like
> :file test.pdf, where the resulting Lilypond call would see file.ly,
> but the automatically inserted link in the org buffer would be the
> resulting file.pdf.
> Comments are welcome. 
> Best wishes,
> Torsten
> --
> Dr Torsten Anders
> Course Leader, Music Technology
> University of Bedfordshire
> Park Square, Room A315
> http://strasheela.sourceforge.net
> http://www.torsten-anders.de

Eric Schulte

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