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[O] 7.6 and Thanks

From: Matthew Sauer
Subject: [O] 7.6 and Thanks
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 10:07:59 -0500

Thanks for all the work everyone puts in on this list and on this
project.  Org-Mode has really gotten me squared away and keeps things
organized for me.  In an effort to try and start help giving back I
just submitted a patch reference a compiler error.  I know they aren't
high priority necessarily but I do know they have to get cleaned up
from time to time.  I applied it on my local branch and it appears to
have fixed the problem :
-----------------cut here--------------------------------------cut

In end of data:
ob-lilypond.el:447:1:Warning: the function `org-babel-tangle' is not known to
    be defined.
any feedback reference the patch I just submitted (better ways to have
accomplished eliminating this error, etc are greatly appreciated as I
am new to using git and working in a community and I am trying to

Again, thanks to everyone for the help.


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