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[O] Don't ask, don't run

From: Ken.Williams
Subject: [O] Don't ask, don't run
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 19:19:46 +0000
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I know from the manual that I can set 'org-confirm-babel-evaluate' to t,
or nil, or a function, to control whether I'm asked permission to run a
code block.

However, that only gives me two choices - ask the user, or pretend the
user said "yes".  Sometimes I'd like to pretend the user said "no",
without asking.

Specifically, I'd like to always manually control when code blocks are
executed.  When exporting, I don't want them executed (and I don't want to
be asked about my dozens of blocks each time).  When hitting C-c C-c
manually, I just want it to run (and I don't want to be asked whether I'm

Is there a similar variable, or perhaps an export option, that will give
me this kind of workflow?


Ken Williams
Senior Research Scientist
Thomson Reuters

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