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Re: [O] patch makefile solve a couple debian build problems and a slackw

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] patch makefile solve a couple debian build problems and a slackware build problem
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 17:39:04 +0200
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Bastien <address@hidden> writes:
> The targets release and fixrelease are for Org's maintainers.

Yes, but if they've been used, no trace is to be found in the repository
and in any case, what fixrelease is supposed to be doing is not what it
actually does — it's currently an exact copy of release. I'll sort it
out and make a proposal…

> The other solution would be to simply remove these target and to use 
> a local Makefile on the server.  It's more clean from the user's point 
> of view, and just some little extra work for the maintainers.
> What would you suggest?

As detailed in my other posting I'd remove them from the Makefile that
is distributed and the server would have an extra file with those
targets that are useful only there.  Gory details to follow.

>> Is there any reason why the phony targets are not declared to be
>> phony?
> "phony"?

A target whose recipe doesn't produce a file with the same name is
called "phony" in make-speech; I used to call them decoys.  The problem
with that age-old make idiom is when someone inadvertently creates a
file with that name — say, "test" — and "make test" suddenly doesn't
work anymore, so most makes allow you to declare them to avoid that
particular trap.

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