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Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

From: harven
Subject: Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:53:04 +0200 (CEST)

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De: "Bastien" <address@hidden>
À: "Darlan Cavalcante Moreira" <address@hidden>
Cc: "harven" <address@hidden>, address@hidden
Envoyé: Samedi 2 Juillet 2011 11h48:52 GMT +01:00 Amsterdam / Berlin / Berne / 
Rome / Stockholm / Vienne
Objet: Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

Hi Darlan,

Darlan Cavalcante Moreira <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't think this is possible. The "*" as a headline starter seems to be
> hard-coded in org.

I confirm this is not possible, it's hardcoded in outline-mode, and Org
is derived from this mode.

As this is a FAQ, I added an entry in Worg/org-faq.org



Sorry for the late response. The "*" as a headline character is not hard-coded
in outline-mode. The headline character can be in fact any regexp, and is
specified in the variable outline-regexp defined in outline.el. Its default
value is "[*\f]+".

It is howewer hard-coded as a "*" e.g. in org-indent.el 
(e.g. in org-indent-initialize), and a change to outline-regexp breaks

BUG. How to reproduce. 
Starting with emacs -Q (this is emacs 23.2 together with org-mode 6.33),
execute in the scratch buffer
(setq outline-regexp "[-\f]+")
so as to use - as the headline starter character in outline mode.
Switch to another buffer, enter the text

- first heading 
-- second heading
   some stuff here

Activate org-mode. M-x org-mode.

Then go to the first heading. TAB folds the text as expected.
Go to the second heading. TAB inserts a TAB instead of folding 
the second heading.


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