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[O] [dev] [BUG?] beamer and BEAMER_dovl property

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: [O] [dev] [BUG?] beamer and BEAMER_dovl property
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:12:28 +0200


I noticed, while browsing `org-beamer-place-default-actions-for-lists',
that the undocumented BEAMER_dovl property is looked after. AFAIU, it
should permit to add overlay specifications to lists environments.

But, when checking `org-beamer-after-initial-vars', it appears that Org
properties are changed into text properties attached to the headline
whereas `org-beamer-place-default-actions-for-lists' looks for them on
the "\item" line.

I think these properties should be attached to the whole section, not
only to the headline. But before applying such a patch, I'd like to know
the intent of the author of the file (Carsten ?). After all, BEAMER_dovl
may not be meant to be used as-is (no column in column-view mode, etc.)

Also, should we provide a way to add overlay specifications item-wise?


Nicolas Goaziou

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