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Re: [O] ThoughtBack

From: Memnon Anon
Subject: Re: [O] ThoughtBack
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:30:03 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Brian,

[BTW: Keeping it on list, because there still may be some 
      good results for org. Strictly speaking however,
      this is at least semi-OT. But I do not add OT to 
      the subject yet.]

brian powell <address@hidden> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM, Memnon Anon
>> But I wholeheartedly do *not* recommend it:
> * I agree with your concerns Memnon and Bastien; but, I'll play
> "Devil's Advocate" with you:

Here we go :). Long mail, I select the points some points.

> ** I believe the idea is you put things like "Need to get a new ladder
> #HomeDepot." or "Work on #OrgMode software."
> *** Don't believe the idea is that you put in any private information.

My impression from the youtube video was, that it is extremely
convenient and fast to add a short note to self: Just like capture is
for org. Whatever the idea is, I think a user getting accustomed to it
(and not org which stores the data on the disk) will at some point need
some mental discipline to think: "Okay, important thought; do I want to
put this "on the cloud" or not". Thats simply not the case with org ;).
Mind you: "do *not* recomment it" was meant as: "I would not use it",
not "I am against implementing export/import or whatever with org".

> * To me I see a free online service that is searchable and one can jot
> notes, reminders and/or URL's in--it could be used as a NotePad app
> for copy and paste, it is indexable and searchable

Mhhh, so is org, isn't it?

> --and (most important to me) as a remote SMS messaging service:
> ** "The Future of Thoughtback":
> http://blog.thoughtback.com/post/7630178945/the-future-of-thoughtback
> "Our goal is to help people choose and organize the thoughts they want
> to remember. Programming your mind to think and act the way you want
> is not only powerful, but exciting. By constantly getting these
> “thoughts back”, your mind begins to shape itself differently. These
> form your actions, ideas, habits, and choices.

I do not get why this has to happen via SMS in the first place...
(But that could also be done via emacs: e.g I am working on a setup
to send SMS via gnus.)

But now we are in the area of how org could be set up or improved to 
provide this kind of functionality you see there;
I am still not sure I really understand what that quote above means.
To be honest, it *IMHO* sounds like marketing babble... :(

> ** In OrgMode I guess most people put in deadlines and schedules etc.;
> maybe https://thoughtback.com could become a site one can use to put
> thoughts that don't fit any structured category, time-lined project or
> pressing to-do list.

Again, please state clearly what it is you actually want; I have only a
vague idea. E.g., you could have a completely unstructured
"* Thoughbucket" where you put random ideas into. You could schedule
review of items or of the whole tree as you see fit: It would end up in
your agenda. You could set up a capture template, use a todo keyword
like someday/maybe. Agenda would show you everything you have.

I am just guessing so far... 
Tell us what you want this tool to do, and maybe we can figure it out


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