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[O] Input on organization of files for multiple projects?

From: John Hendy
Subject: [O] Input on organization of files for multiple projects?
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 21:33:05 -0500


I've debated this before tangentially, but having used org-mode for
more than a year, now, I'd like to revisit this with some more formal
inquiries. [1] I just finished a mid-phase review for one of my
projects and will also be interviewing for a potential new position in
my company, and this has made me want to "regroup" and see if my use
of org-mode is what it could/should be. My main method has been:

- one file per month ~/org/yyyy-mmMMM.org (~/org/2011-07Jul.org)
--- at the end of a year, I dump all the month files into ~/org/archive_yyyy.org
- my notes look like so:


* [date-stamp]

** Something I did       :proj_tag:
Notes about what it was, summary of things, or sub-level todo items

** todo [/] Something with some sub-steps  :proj_tag:
- [ ] step 1
- [ ] step 2
- [ ] step 3

** Some data I collected      :proj_tag:
| a table | for my data |
| etc | etc |


In any case, this works pretty well, but I think I'm becoming more and
more sensitive to the fact that I'm not as interested in just tracking
"journal" type entries. I now have bigger projects that are more
coherent and on-going vs. just supporting other people's projects and
noting what I contributed and test results. I find more often that I
used C-a s to search for something and end up in a file a couple
months back with some open todo items that I need to take care of.

But then I run across and update or new data... and I find myself
debating about whether to add it to 2011-05May.org or create a new
timestamp for it in 2011-07Jul.org.

So, I'm in the mood for input and suggestions. I've read a lot of the
org tutorials (norang in particular), but not a lot quite put the
whole picture out there -- how many files, how are they organized,
etc. A lot of people describe having files per "activity" (writing,
chores, research), but I'm in the same job, but contributing to
perhaps 5 or so main projects as well as my ideas/brainstorming stuff
(I work in R&D engineering/product development).

I'm hoping to hear some input about big picture structuring, keeping
track of year+ long projects, todo flows, if files have ever gotten
too big (a fear of mine), if and how you archive, etc.

I've thought of going to a structure with proj1.org, proj2.org, etc.
and then archiving into an archive_yyyy.org with main headings for
each project as I finish todos or as things get old. Or maybe I won't
need to. Maybe an org file can survive an entire project and just get
archived for reference when I'm done working on it. I'll probably
still need some kind of "odds and ends" file for things that don't
belong to a specific project.

Thanks for bearing with the rambling. Just itching for input and
learning from those more experienced.

Best regards,

[1] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2010-03/msg00390.html

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