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Re: [O] org unavailable in ELPA package manager

From: Max Roberts-Zirker
Subject: Re: [O] org unavailable in ELPA package manager
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 09:47:39 -0400

Thanks for sticking with me Jambunathan,

C-h v package-archives RET reports no match also, though there do appear to be commands: package-archive-base, package-archive-upload-base, package-archive-version, and package-archive-contents.

Also, when I run M-x package-list-packages, it connects me to the tromey.com site and provides a list of available packages (INCLUDING ORG in red, which I assume means it is already installed.)


P.S. The ~/elisp file was successfully copied, and I'm no longer getting a load-path error when I start emacs, so I think that solved something.  Thanks.

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 9:27 AM, Jambunathan K <address@hidden> wrote:

> - I just successfully upgraded to Org-Mode version 7.6 using the "How
> do I install Org-mode from a ELPA-compatible tarball?" section from
> http://orgmode.org/worg/org-faq.html#installing-elpa

Good. But downloading by hand is kind of a pain.

> However, I'm not sure why this should have worked, since
> - M-x list-packages RET displays "[No match]" in the bottom bar.

What does C-h v package-archives report?

> I'm not sure what to do with http://repo.or.cz/w/emacs.git/blob_plain
> /1a0a666f941c99882093d7bd08ced15033bc3f0c:/lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el
> but I assume since I'm now running Org-Mode 7.6 it is no longer
> necessary.

If you want to use package manager with emacs-23 this step is
necessary. Copy it to "~/elisp" and follow step 2.

Jambunathan K.

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