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[O] Release 7.7

From: Bastien
Subject: [O] Release 7.7
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 12:47:38 +0200
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Dear all,

I'm releasing Org 7.7.


Below is the list of changes, also accessible on the website:


Thanks to all of you for the discussions, feedback and patches.
Special thanks to Nicolas Goaziou and Eric S. Schulte for their
dedication on lists and Babel.

It's been exactly 200 commits in 22 days since Org 7.6... time
for holidays!  I will be off until August 10th, with no access
to emails.

Don't hesitate to buy me a drink or a new swimming suit by 
clicking on the "Donate!" button:



New features and user-visible improvements 

New command =org-copy-visible= (=C-c C-x v=) 

This command will copy the visible text in the region into the
kill ring.

Thanks to Florian Beck for this function and to Carsten for
adding it to org.el and documenting it!

New hook =org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c-final-hook= 

This hook will be called when nothing special can be performed by
the busy =C-c C-c= key.  Thanks to Paul Sexton for this idea!

Allow relative time when scheduling/adding a deadline 

You can now use relative duration strings like "-2d" or "++3w"
when calling =org-schedule= or =org-deadline=: it will schedule
(or set the deadline for) the item respectively two days before
today and three weeks after the current timestamp, if any.

You can use this programmatically: =(org-schedule nil "+2d")=
will work on the current entry.

You can also use this while (bulk-)rescheduling and
(bulk-)resetting the deadline of (several) items from the agenda.

Thanks to Memnon Anon for a heads up about this!

New functions: =org-todo-yesterday= and =org-agenda-todo-yesterday= 

This is useful when you need to mark things done yesterday.

Thanks to Max Mikhanosha for this patch.

=org-set-property= defaults to the last interactively modified property 

When setting a property with =C-c C-x p=, it will offered the
last interactively modified property as a default choice.  If
this command is called on a property line, the property in this
line will take precedence over the last set property.

Clock: Allow synchronous update of timestamps in CLOCK log 

Using =S-M-<up/down>= on CLOCK log timestamps will
increase/decrease the two timestamps on this line so that
duration will keep the same.  Note that duration can still be
slightly modified in case a timestamp needs some rounding.

Thanks to Rainer Stengele for this idea.

Clock: New function =org-clock-remove-empty-clock-drawer= 

This function removes empty =CLOCK= drawers and has been added to
=org-clock-out-hook=: when clocking out, if no CLOCK log has been
inserted and the drawer is empty, the drawer will be removed.

Capture: new escape sequence =%F= for templates 

Using =%F= in capture templates will insert the full path of the
file or the directory the capture mechanism was called from
(whereas =%f= only insert the filename.)

Thanks to Nicolas Goaziou for this change.

Agenda: new variable =org-agenda-bulk-custom-functions= for custom bulk 

When using =org-agenda-bulk-action= in agenda view, the user
could already call custom functions by pressing =f= and entering
the function's name.

This variable lets the user add custom choices and reach them
more quickly.  Set the variable to an alist of keys (chars) and
functions, and these keys will be accessible through the
=org-agenda-bulk-action= interface.

If there is a conflict between custom keys and hardcoded choices,
the latter ones take precedence.

Thanks to Julien Cubizolles for triggering this idea.

Refile: exclude irrelevant headings 

When refiling from an org-mode buffer, the current heading and
its subheadings will be excluded from the list of possible

This only works when =org-refile-use-cache= is =nil= and in
org-mode buffers, not in agenda buffers.

Thanks to Jason Dunsmore for this idea!

Lists: new variable =org-list-use-circular-motion= 

This variable allows some commands to consider lists as cyclic
structures.  For example, when non-nil, moving past the last item
of a list with S-down will bring you back to the first one.

Lists: New variable =org-list-indent-offset= 

This variable helps improving readability of sub-items by
increasing their indentation.  E.g., if =org-list-indent-offset=
is set to 2, you may see the following list:

  - First item
            - Sub-item 1
            - Sub-item 2
  - Second item

Table: New flag ";t" to tailor the display of computed durations 

See the new variable =org-table-duration-custom-format= and the
updated example from the manual:

   Task 1     Task 2   Total  
  3:02:20   -2:07:00    0.92  

In this example, =0.92= is a fraction of hour, the default for

Thanks to Daniel E. Doherty for discussions about this.

Table: display field's coordinates when editing it with =C-c `= 

When editing a field with =C-c `=, the field's coordinate will
the displayed in the buffer.

Thanks to Michael Brand for a patch to this effect.

Babel: support for =java= code blocks 

Evaluation of blocks of Java code is now possible.  Currently
only external evaluation of Java code is supported (i.e., no
session evaluation) and only the =:results output= results are
collected.  Code blocks are compiled to a Java class file which
are then evaluated and the values printed to STDOUT are returned.

Java code blocks required a =:classname= header argument which is
used by the compiler to name =.java= and =.class= files.

Example Java code block:

Babel: support for =fortran= code blocks by Sergey Litvinov 

The =contrib/babel/langs/= contains the new library
=ob-fortran.el= by Sergey Litvinov.

Thanks to him for this addition.

Babel: support for the [fomus] language by Torsten Anders 

=ob-fomus.el= has been added to =contrib/babel/langs/=.

Thanks to Torsten Anders for contributing this functionality.

[fomus]: http://fomus.sourceforge.net/

Publish: hide .orgx files and use theindex.org directly 

When :makeindex is `non-nil' in the publishing options, Org will
export an index.  It populates the directory with .orgx files:
those files are now hidden (.file.orgx).  Also the index is
directly stored in the file =theindex.org=, not in the file
=theindex.inc= (which you can delete).

Thanks to Nathan Neff and Carsten for pointing at the problems
and solutions.

Export: new variable =org-export-html-divs= to allow custom divs 

The default value of =org-export-html-divs= is =("preamble"
"content" "postamble")= and is used to define the =<div "%s">=
for the main structure of the exported HTML file.

Note that modifying the default value will break compatibility
with the =org-info.js= script.

Also note that the variable =org-export-html-content-div= will
still be checked for compatibility reasons but is not a custom
variable anymore.

Thanks to S├ębastian Vauban for a preliminary version of this

Export: new variable =org-export-latex-quotes= to customize quotes in LaTeX 

This allows users to define what quotes they want to use as a
replacement of english double-quotes while exporting to LaTeX.

In particular, if you use the csquote package, you can configure
Org to output something like \endquote{some quoted text} instead
of "some quoted text".

Thanks to Frederik for bringing this issue up, and to Thomas S.
Dye, Nick Dokos and Stefan Nobis for elaborating this solution.

Important bugfixes 

Duration computations now work for complex ranges in tables 

Thanks to Christian Moe for signaling this problem.

Handle recursive setup files correctly 

Thanks to Stefan Vollmar for mentioning this problem.


=org-map-entries= can now have 'region as its scope 

Thanks to David Maus for suggesting related improvements to
=org-map-entries=.  This one prepares the possibility of letting
some commands to loop over the active region.

org-depend.el: new chain-find-next trigger option 

See the updated docstring of this file.

Thanks a lot to Max Mikhanosha for this!

Export: new experimental exporter to MoinMoin by Puneeth Chaganti. 

The =EXPERIMENTAL/= directory contains a new file org-mm.el that
allows you to export an Org file to a MoinMoin file.

Thanks to Puneeth Chaganti for this addition.

Export: new default for =org-export-html-preamble= 

The default value included the title.  It now defaults to the
empty string, as the title is hardcoded and included in the
"content" div.  Including the title here is necessary to let
=org-info.js= find it and display the page properly.

Export: new variable =org-lparse-use-flashy-warning= defaulting to =nil= 

Flashy and verbose warnings while exporting to ODT have been
disabled.  Set this to =t= if you want it back.

Export: new default value for =org-export-latex-image-default-option= 

This used to be =width=10em= and this is now width=.9\linewidth,
which makes more sense.

Thanks to Sebastien Vauban for this suggestion.

Export: allow =org-export-latex-href-format= to have only one "%s" 

This is useful when you want to use \url{link} instead of the
default \href{link}{path}.

Thanks to Henri-Paul Indiogine for bringing this up.

Known issues 

The ODT exporter will choke when using some Org-defined strings 

For example, using the hungarian version of the table of
contents, as defined in =org-export-language-setup=, the ODT
exporter will complain about a problem with the translated

The workaround is to customize =org-export-language-setup= 
and to use accents directly.


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