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[O] odt export bug, I think.

From: Matt Price
Subject: [O] odt export bug, I think.
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 16:52:46 -0400


I think I've found an odt export bug.  Certain complex URL's stored within links can end up being rendered with forbidden characters, e.g. '<' and '>'.  so, e.g., a link to this URL:


was rendered in content.xml like this:
xlink:href="" href="http://www.jstor.org/sici?origin=sfx:sfx&amp;sici=1363-3554(1995)39">http://www.jstor.org/sici?origin=sfx:sfx&amp;sici=1363-3554(1995)39<182>1.0.CO;2-L&amp;"

resulting in a syntax error when libreoffice tries to load it.  I've attached a minimal test file that reproduces the bug. 

This is happening under a recent git snapshot of org-mode, using an emacs snapshot from 2011-04.  Not sure if there are other xml-related packages whose versions I should be tracking.

Thanks as always, and let me know what I can do to help with this.


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