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Re: [O] Org-special-blogs does not make well-formed xhtml

From: Christian Moe
Subject: Re: [O] Org-special-blogs does not make well-formed xhtml
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2011 21:01:15 +0200
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Carsten, thanks.

Jambunathan's probably right, though, that this fix (while necessary) is incomplete. Sorry, I hadn't thought it through.

Now, when the first paragraph of a special block comes right after the #+BEGIN_WHATEVER line, it will just come as the first text node of the <div> block, and will not be wrapped in a <p> element. So among other things, any special CSS styling for <p>s will not be applied to it.

It's not a big deal -- if you need a <p> (and often you really don't) the workaround is as simple as leaving an empty line between #+BEGIN_WHATEVER and the first paragraph.

But I guess it would be more consistent/expected/helpful behavior for special-blocks to start a new paragraph -- this time *after* the opening <div> tag and not around it!


On 10/4/11 4:36 PM, Jambunathan K wrote:

Carsten Dominik<address@hidden>  writes:
I see no reason to not uncomment this line.  Shall we just do this?

Shouldn't a paragraph be opened/closed while entering/leaving the div.

,---- See org-xhtml-format-environment
|     (center
|      (case beg-end
|        (BEGIN
|       (org-lparse-end-paragraph)
|       (insert "\n<div style=\"text-align: center\">")
|       (org-lparse-begin-paragraph))
|        (END
|       (org-lparse-end-paragraph)
|       (insert "\n</div>")
|       (org-lparse-begin-paragraph))))

We can always open a paragraph gratis, because empty paragraphs are
pruned at the end of export.

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