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Re: [O] [ANN] Org Mode parser v0.0.1 for NodeJs

From: Chris Malone
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] Org Mode parser v0.0.1 for NodeJs
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 08:21:09 -0700

Hi Gio,

Perhaps it is my ignorance of how this all works, but do you have a small example of how/why one would use this?  As is obvious from my question, I'm not familiar with nodejs.

On Oct 4, 2011, at 6:43 PM, Marcelo de Moraes Serpa wrote:


I was procrastinating on this as well. There's one for ruby as well which I've been playing with, this could give me some inspiration to contribute back.

Keep up the great work,

- Marcelo.

On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Giovanni Giorgi <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi all,
 I have just published my org-mode parser for the node-js _javascript_ based server:


It is a _javascript_ parser for the Emacs Org-mode file format.

I use org-mode as a database for some programs (like games) where I need to mix meta information to a bunch of long textual data.

I wrote it because I was unable to find an implementation for my needs.

I like too much org-mode to let nodejs without a parser, and as expected the simple org-mode format was easy to parse.
I started from the Charles Cave's OrgNode python parser, but I need to modify it a lot because of _javascript_ different nature.

Please feel free to give me your feedback

Gio's Blog http://gioorgi.com

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