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Re: [O] [babel] create tikz pictures in an floating LaTeX environment

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] [babel] create tikz pictures in an floating LaTeX environment
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 13:49:52 -0600
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Torsten Wagner <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Eric
>>> ``:results output silent'' should suppress that I think.
>> Nick's solution should work well.  Also, (if you're exporting to LaTeX)
>> couldn't you just combine the tikz picture and the wrapping figure
>> environment into a single begin_latex block?
> Yep Nick solution is working fine. I just wonder what is the order of
> execution during export. E.g. if I generate the link to a file as
> output and place it directly under the lines to add a picture in
> org-mode, I thought the code block would be execute first and the
> result would replace the function call. The exporter will find a link
> to a picture and export it as usual. This was the reason I thought the
> following code should work.

Your code example can be reworked as follows and it should export as
expected.  With a named code block the result may be positioned anywhere
in an Org-mode file regardless of the position of the code block.

The caption, label and attr_latex lines will be applied to the named result.

#+CAPTION:    my great picture
#+LABEL:      fig:my_picture
#+results: mypicture

This code block may be anywhere in the Org-mode file the result will
always be placed at the named results line above.

#+srcname: mypicture
#+begin_src latex :file fig/mypicture.pdf :packages '(("" "tikz")) :border 1em 
:fit :results raw
 \begin{tikzpicture}[line width=1pt,text centered, inner sep = 2]
     \draw[fill=red!50] (0,0) rectangle  ++(5,1);
     \draw[fill=yellow!50] (1,1) rectangle  ++(1,0.25);
     \draw[fill=yellow!50] (3,1) rectangle  ++(1,0.25);
     \draw[fill=green!50] (0.75,1) rectangle  ++(1.5,-0.4);
     \draw[fill=green!50] (2.75,1) rectangle  ++(1.5,-0.4);
Best -- Eric

> As for putting all figure environment and tikz into one latex-code block.
> First of all I thought that :file fig/mypicture.pdf will generate and
> process an individual LaTeX file. Thus, I could not use any commands
> for the main manuscript right? Sure I could skip the :file command
> however, I would prefer to generate each picture as an individual pdf
> file. This gives me much more flexibility. I can easily convert them
> into any other format and share them individually with co-workers.
> Furthermore, many journals are very strict (and minimal) with there
> supported LaTeX environment. The tikz package is often not installed
> on there machines and the upload process would fail. In addition some
> journals require to upload each figure individually. Thus, I am used
> already to generate individual pdf-files for each figure and include
> them into the manuscript by a simple \includegraphic line.
> Thanks for the help
> Torsten
> CC. I notice something else regarding to babel. Please see my next post

Eric Schulte

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