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Re: [O] org-agenda-switch-to switches to weird place

From: Antoine Levitt
Subject: Re: [O] org-agenda-switch-to switches to weird place
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 19:15:33 +0200
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11/10/11 18:45, Sebastien Vauban
> Hi Antoine,
> Antoine Levitt wrote:
>> I use org-capture to store information (such as appointments), then view
>> them in the agenda. I use RET (org-agenda-switch-to) in the agenda view to
>> modify them. For instance, for an entry like
>> * TODO Some task
>> SCHEDULED: !<2011-10-11 Tue>
>> , point is at "!", which is inconvenient, because most of the time I want to
>> modify the heading of the entry ("Some task"). A nice place to put the point
>> would be at the %? specifier of org-capture-templates, if specified.
>> Apparently, org-capture does the job of inserting a marker for
>> org-agenda-switch-to to come back to, so it should be able to figure out if
>> %? was specified, and if yes, where. I couldn't manage to do it, though.
>> Could someone take a look at this?
> I guess one could imagine that it should be possible to customize a point to
> land on when switching from the agenda to the source buffer.

That seems a bit overkill. But then again, this is org. :-)

> But I don't see how org-capture templates would come into play: your different
> capture templates can have very different positions for %?, and once captured,
> a note or TODO is no different than free text that the user would have written
> manually.

If I understand correctly, org-agenda-switch-to goes to the org-marker
marker that is set by capture. If capture inserts this marker right
after the template insertion, org-agenda can then switch back to it. In
theory at least. I can't make sense of org-capture's code.

Anyway, pretty much anything is better than the current behavior, which
is not very user friendly when SCHEDULED info is present.

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