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Re: [O] Recurring events with exceptions

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [O] Recurring events with exceptions
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2011 11:02:10 +0100
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Skip Collins <address@hidden> writes:

>> ,----[ C-h f org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift RET ]
>> I find that this exactly what you are describing: I define an entry,
>> clone it (with weekly shift, for instance) and then delete the
>> exceptions and maybe add a few extras.  If any weekly instance has to
>> change, I simply change it!  Works pretty well and handles all the cases
>> you mentioned.
> There is one important feature lacking in the use of time-shifted
> clones as a way to generate repeating events: there is nothing to bind
> individual instances into a collection. A common EVENTID property
> would allow for the development of tools for handling a whole series
> as a group to do things like deleting, shifting, and making other
> changes en masse. It seems like a simple thing to add.

I'm probably missing a key point but can you not simply put a property
in a higher level heading that encloses all the cloned entries?

> Flexibility like this is why I like working in org. I would move my
> calendar to org if I were not stuck with outlook/exchange at work. I'm
> still waiting for someone to create the ultimate org/exchange sync
> solution.

Yes, I have been informed that we are moving to Outlook/exchange in the
new year, something I am dreading...  Matthieu Lemerre, on this list
back in late June (Message-ID: <address@hidden>), posted a
(partial?) solution that helped in this regard.  I've not tried that
solution as I don't have to use Outlook yet.  Search the mailing list.

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