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[O] [babel] Announcing ob-picolisp.el

From: Thorsten
Subject: [O] [babel] Announcing ob-picolisp.el
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:08:24 +0200
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Hi list, with help and substancial input from Eric (Schulte) I added a
new language to org-babel, the minimal lisp dialect picolisp [thanks to
Eric!]. You can download the ob-picolisp.el file here:


Here is the README text as a little introduction to picolisp:

| README                                                                
| This Emacs library enables the use of PicoLisp in the multi-language  
| programming framework Org-Babel                                       
| (http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/index.html).               
| PicoLisp is a minimal yet fascinating lisp dialect and a highly       
| productive application framework for web-based client-server          
| applications on top of object-oriented databases. A good way to learn 
| PicoLisp is to first read Paul Grahams essay "The hundred year        
| language" (http://www.paulgraham.com/hundred.html) and then study the 
| various documents and essays published in the PicoLisp wiki           
| (http://picolisp.com/5000/-2.html). PicoLisp is included in some      
| GNU/Linux Distributions, and can be downloaded here:                  
| http://software-lab.de/down.html. It ships with a picolisp-mode and a 
| inferior-picolisp-mode for Emacs (to be found in the /lib/el/         
| directory).                                                           
| Although it might seem more natural to use Emacs Lisp for most        
| Lisp-based programming tasks inside Org-Mode (http://orgmode.org/), an
| Emacs library written in Emacs Lisp, PicoLisp has at least two        
| outstanding features that make it a valuable addition to Org-Babel:   
| PicoLisp _is_ an object-oriented database with a Prolog-based query   
| language implemented in PicoLisp (Pilog). Database objects are        
| first-class members of the language.                                  
| PicoLisp is an extremely productive framework for the development     
| of interactive web-applications (on top of a database).               


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