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Re: [O] Elisp programming style

From: Thorsten
Subject: Re: [O] Elisp programming style
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 17:59:48 +0200
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Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:

> Not a problem - you can't predict the future. You do the best you can
> with your current knowledge. You can always refactor in the future:
> that's one reason that having the source code around is important.  When
> you refactor, you may be cursing the original author for the "bad"
> decicions, but c'est la vie: at least, you have chosen a system where
> *you* can do that and not depend on a third party: they might not even
> be alive, let alone willing to do what you want.

Thats really great about Emacs lisp - everything is so easily
accessible, it seems like no big deal to change something. I still have
to get rid of the reflex to factor out every duplication of code that I
see. Lisp is not Java...


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