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Re: [O] Outline and org-mode don't insert text into folded sections logi

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Outline and org-mode don't insert text into folded sections logically
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 10:04:31 +0100
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Hi Carsten,

Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:

> - This patch covers only one of many ways to make unwanted changes
>   in an invisible area.  Others would be delete, backspace,
>   kill-region, yank, kill-line, and an arbitrarily long list of
>   less obvious other commands.  Full protection could only be
>   done with pre-change-hooks or so, but would then prevent
>   also programmed changes - something that would not be useful.

Yes, I don't want programmed changes to be affected by this feature. 

But having such a warning for `org-delete' would also be useful IMHO.

>   `org-self-insert-command' is probably only ever used in an
>   interactive way, so the patch as you have written it may very
>   well function correctly.
> - All the code in org-self-insert-command is executed for each
>   keypress, so one needs to be careful to have this function
>   carry as little overhead as possible.

I actually think there should be a user option
`org-edit-invisible-send-warning' defaulting to nil.

The request "don't let me shoot in my foot" is a common
one, and this option would let people set this to `t'.

> - Currently this chokes at the beginning of the buffer because
>   the invisibility test is also run at (1- (point)).

Fixed, thanks.

> - I am not sure if I understand the positioning code:
>> (if (or (eq invisible-before-point 'outline)
>>      (eq invisible-before-point 'org-hide-block))
>>     (goto-char (previous-overlay-change (point))))
>> (org-cycle)
>> (if (or (eq invisible-before-point 'outline)
>>      (eq invisible-before-point 'org-hide-block))
>>     (forward-char 1))
>   So when I happen to be somewhere in the middle of invisible
>   text and press a character, it seems to me that the character
>   will be inserted at the beginning of the invisible text, and
>   not where the cursor was.
>   Maybe a better solution would be to save point, unfold,
>   go back to point, throw and error and not insert the pressed
>   character.  I am not sure, though.  

Throwing an error and not inserting the text was what my first
patch did.  I thought it was too restrictive, though.

With an option `org-edit-invisible-send-warning', we could have both:
`t' would just throw a warning, 'prevent would throw an error.

> Maybe you can explain your reasoning?

My reasoning is that, when in the "middle" of an invisible region,
the user does not know where the point is, hence he doesn't really 
know where he wants to insert characters.  In this case, I assume 
insert at the beginning of the invisible region is a reasonable

Thanks for the feedback -- let's continue brainstorming, I think
this feature is important.



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