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Re: [O] The reportmode report does not count the running clock

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] The reportmode report does not count the running clock
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:14:10 +0100
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Hi François,

address@hidden (François Pinard) writes:

> That's why I suggested an appendix.  We search in them, more than we
> really read them.  On the other hand, it would considerably augment the
> weight of a printed manual, and so, be more harmful to our forests.

That's why I tried to gather *all* functions and variables in an .org
file, which you can see as an appendix.  Did you check it?

>> Wrt documentation, Emacs is its own reference, by letting you access
>> everything with C-h v org-*.
> Emacs has impressive ways to offer its own documentation.  Still a bit
> uneasy to use C-h v (or C-h f) on everything.  M-x apropos org- RET is
> more handy and searchable, yet the documentation is likely limited to
> the first line of each docstring (so at least this convention for a
> complete sentence in the first line of a docstring).
>> Another point: there is a lot to do to improve the current docstrings
>> and the manual.  This is a matter of 1) pulling from git, 2) modifying
>> the file, 3) run `C-x v =' in the buffer, 4) send the patch.  [...]
>> If you're interested in improving this, please go ahead, I'd be
>> interested in getting something working along these lines.
> Oh, the problem is surely not the lack of interest, but the sore lack of
> free hours in a week, and the quantity of ways to occupy those rare
> hours already (something Org mode is tremendously helpful at organizing,
> by the way).  

Org should claim 10% of the time it spares you ;-)

> Surely that given enough free time, I would just love to
> contribute.  The truth is that I can only offer tiny crumbs.  In any
> case, I'm saving your message and notes (who knows the future!).

Indeed.  My suggestion is to stick to the current collective workflow:
let's try to document small things in relevant places (manual or worg)
and let's avoid Big Projects (bikesheds).



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