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Re: [O] bibtex bibliography exported to HTML

From: Thomas S. Dye
Subject: Re: [O] bibtex bibliography exported to HTML
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2012 13:39:14 -1000

Another option is to export to LaTeX and then use tex4ht for the html.

All the best,

Christian Moe <address@hidden> writes:

> On 1/4/12 10:31 PM, Stephen J. Barr wrote:
>> I want to include bibliography entries the
>> way I would with LaTeX, but then have a decent looking bibliography
>> when I export to HTML. Is this behaviour supported, and if so, how do
>> I do it?
> Hi,
> It's not currently supported, but I have some pretty raw code lying
> around from last summer to do just that. I'd be obliged if you'd test
> drive the attached Org-cite.el.
> Be warned, though, that even if it works for you, you'll probably want
> support and bugfixes that I have very little time for at the moment,
> being very busy with other work.
> This version depends on bibtex for the formatting, so you need a
> working LaTeX installation. When your document's changed, before you
> export to HTML (or ODT), you need to first do a latex export and run
> bibtex on it.  Instructions follow below.
> Yours,
> Christian Moe
> ----
> Org-cite formats bibliographic citations and reference lists in
> Org-mode documents for export with non-LaTeX backends (HTML, ODT,
> plain text, Docbook...). Citations are hyperlinked to references.
> Org-cite is /not/ mature for use in a "production environment." It
> is intended to come in handy when you can deliver your final product
> as LaTeX/PDF, but need to share drafts with full references in other
> formats (HTML, ODT) with others.
> Org-cite currently requires BibTeX for the formatting, so you still
> need a working LaTeX installation. Org-cite via BibTeX aims to produce
> a /reasonably close approximation/ to the formatting you get from a
> LaTeX export with a few of the most widely used BibTeX packages and
> styles (plain, natbib, and apacite for now). It does not /and will
> not/ aim at identical results to any package/style, nor to support all
> packages/styles out there.
> Future versions will aim to include other formatters beside
> BibTeX.
> Org-cite can read raw latex cite macros including the most
> usual subsets supported by the natbib and apacite packages: with
> long and short authorlists, pre-notes, post-notes (locators), and
> multiple citations, e.g. the natbib cite
> : The cow jumped over the moon, \citet[see
> e.g.][p.11,p.6]{goose2010,thumb1999,thumb2003}.
> should come out as something like
> : The cow jumped over the moon, see e.g. Goose et al. (2010); Thumb
> (1999; 2003).
> Future versions will also support some version of the custom Org cite
> links preferred by some users.
> Setting the command org-cite-format as a pre-processing hook for
> export is always safe, since changes are done to a temporary copy of
> your document. Doing org-cite-format directly in your working buffer
> is possible (and helpful for debugging), but risks permanently
> overwriting your cites if you then save without reverting. Please
> always back up before you try this.
> * Installation:
> Make sure you have a working LaTeX/BibTeX installation. Place
> org-cite.el somewhere on your load-path. Evaluate the following, or
> add permanently to your .emacs:
> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
>   (require 'org-cite)
>   (add-hook 'org-export-preprocess-hook 'org-cite-format)
> #+end_src
> Instead of adding the hook on startup, you can also toggle export
> behavior with `M-x org-cite-toggle'.
> * Use:
> Org-cite does not automatically detect what package you are using, so
> you need to tell it. The current options are natbib, apacite, or nil
> for plain.
> : (setq org-cite-bibtex-package 'apacite)
> You also need to tell org-cite how to format your citations. Org-cite
> gives you more options than some latex packages, but some of these may
> give nonsensical results. The current options are =author-date=,
> =numeric=, =notes= (similar to numeric, but inserted as Org
> footnotes), and =text= (full citation in text). I recommend sticking
> to the first three for now.
> : (setq org-cite-method 'author-date)
> If you only use one method, you may want to keep these in your .emacs.
> To export foo.org to foo.odt with references:
> - First export foo.org to LaTeX and process it until you get the
>   output you want, e.g.
>   : latex foo
>   : bibtex foo
>   : latex foo
>   : pdflatex foo
>   This produces =foo.aux= and =foo.bbl= files needed by org-cite.
> - Make sure org-export-preprocess-hook includes org-cite-format (see
>   above), and that your org-cite-bibtex-package and org-cite-method
>   settings agree with your LaTeX settings.
> - Export foo.org to ODT or other target format.
> If things go wrong, org-cite may have choked while trying to cull
> curly braces from your bibitems. You can troubleshoot this by looking
> at the bibitem at point in the =org-cite-temp-bbl= buffer, which is
> left open if org-cite ends prematurely (you need to kill this buffer
> before trying again).
> * Known problems
> Org-cite handles many special (non-ascii) characters as represented in
> LaTeX, but not all; and it is picky when it comes to how these special
> characters are written. Some editing of your .bib file or at least the
> .bbl produced by bibtexing may be necessary. For example, it will
> recognize \"{a} as รค, but will not recognize \"a or {\"a}. There are
> two ways you can solve this: either conform your .bib file to
> org-cite's requirements, or conform org-cite to your .bib file by
> customizing org-cite-latex-chars-utf8 to include \"a as well.
> For some reason I have not pinned down, a doubling of the bibliography
> section has been known to occur with some documents.
> * Reporting bugs:
> A bug report should ideally include all of the following:
> - What you expected to see, and what you got
> - The files foo.org, foo.aux and foo.bbl
> - If export failed, traceback from the debugger and the contents of
>   the org-cite-temp-bbl buffer

Thomas S. Dye

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