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Re: [O] Multiple occurrence of tasks

From: Mueen Nawaz
Subject: Re: [O] Multiple occurrence of tasks
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 09:54:46 -0800

Michael Welle <address@hidden> writes:

> to work on open tasks. My plan is to collect the tasks I want to work on
> on a special tasksatfosdem.org file. How can I implement that? Copying
> the tasks is not a solution ;), some kind of a link is needed. Maybe I
> should use tags and an agenda view? I like the idea of having an org

Tags makes the most sense.

> file with the usual conference notes combined with the tasks I worked on
> at the conference. How can I 'materialise' the agenda view as a section
> in an org file? Other hints? How do you implement this? 

I understand that what you're asking for is a way to transform the
results of a query to org mode format, replete with headlines and all?

Not sure it's possible. However, something like sparse trees may help.

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