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[O] text background when exporting as HTML

From: David Rogoff
Subject: [O] text background when exporting as HTML
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:12:39 -0800
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Hi all.

I'm using orgmode for outlines and documentation. Since no one else I work with does this, I export to HTML which generally works fine. However, I've got a problem with embedded code samples using #+BEGIN_SRC / #+END_SRC. The faces for the source code are set up for a black background. The exported HTML picked up the face colors, but the background is white, so they're mostly unreadable. Is there a (hopefully simple) way to tell the HTML export to specify a black background for these blocks?

FYI, emacs 23.3.1, REH Linux, orgmode 7.5



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