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Re: [O] Capitalisation and good taste ?

From: Sebastien Vauban
Subject: Re: [O] Capitalisation and good taste ?
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 00:01:32 +0100
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Hi François,

François Pinard wrote:
> "Sebastien Vauban" writes:
>> François, Are you talking of a dark theme or light theme?
> I do not know, as I do not use themes. The background is white, if this is
> what you mean.

Yep, that's what I meant.

> So, I'm merely speaking about Org mode defaults. My suggestion is that the
> default for #+ lines to be consistent (and if it cannot be for some reason,
> that these reasons be stated somewhere in the manual).
>> Did you take a look at Emacs color themes, and their customization for Org?
> Following your suggestion, I just took a quick look. This is far too complex
> for my humble needs. It seems that using themes is opening the door for a
> lot of further customization, and I have too much of it already.

Not really a problem. This is quite short, the following being what I need to
enable my own color theme:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
;; avoid Emacs hanging for a while changing default font
(modify-frame-parameters nil '((wait-for-wm . nil)))

;; the real color theme functions
(when (require 'color-theme-autoloads)

  ;; initialize the color theme package
  (if (fboundp 'color-theme-initialize)

  ;; color themes will be installed for all frames
  (setq color-theme-is-global t)

  ;; set my default color theme
  (when (try-require 'color-theme-leuven)

And it simply allows you to decide on every face you want to customize for

> P.S. For the record, I have been a long and deep user of Emacs for maybe 15
> years (I have fuzzy memory of times), and with years passing by, have grown
> a huge, insane Emacs customization (Gnus in particular). So, I decided to
> break out of the addiction (it has been real hard to do so, then heal!), and
> switched to Vim, maybe 10 years ago. I also have other reasons
> (http://icule.blogspot.com/2003/12/thoughts-on-editors.html, section 1). Org
> mode was so appealing that I returned to Emacs recently, but I promised
> myself that this time through, I will strongly resist customization bloat.
> As I have a lot already for Org mode, I have to put breaks somewhere! :-)

I know the feeling. I'm using Emacs since 1999, and now have 10,998 lines in
my .emacs file. Though, every line being commented, and having a blank line
between each customization, that represent more or less 3,400 real lines.

That said, it's huge. But it now becomes much more feasible since I've LP'ed[1]
my .emacs file, thanks to Org Babel: now, I can put a lot of comments outside
of my .emacs file, and quickly access what I need to read or update with Org's
sparse trees (`C-c / /').

It is even easy to not tangle parts of Emacs custom, for debug needs, for
example. Or get a nicely printed HTML output. Or... just name it, I can go on
with advantages of using both Emacs and Org-mode, even heavily customized ;-)

Best regards,


[1] Literate Programming (à la NoWeb)

Sebastien Vauban

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