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Re: [O] LOGBOOK opening

From: François Pinard
Subject: Re: [O] LOGBOOK opening
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 20:59:00 -0500
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Bernt Hansen <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (François Pinard) writes:

>> I do not see why RET and SPC from the Agenda would act differently
>> from one another in that respect [of opening the drawers in the
>> associate Org buffer], nor why one of them would contradict the
>> definition and spirit of a drawer.

> From the agenda it's useful (at least for me) to be able to see the
> first few lines of the drawer data for LOGBOOK entries.

Bernt, it seems that our usages vary.  In my case, so far, this has not
proven useful.  Even if I've not been using Org mode for long, those
LOGBOOK are already a bit lengthy.  When SPC-ing from the Agenda, I
either keep SPC-ing to scroll over these noisy lines, or switch to the
other window, position the cursor on the LOGBOOK line, close the drawer
for being able to see what follows it, and return to the agenda.  I
really, honestly thought there was some Org mode bug there.

If I put LOGBOOKs everywhere and moved administrative lines in them,
this is because I was promised by the manual that the drawers contents
will be kept out of my sight, unless I do request to see them.

If, as a user, you want to see log information right away, I presume you
should not use drawers for them.  Drawers should not be opened
automatically.  Some hooks or extra machinery might be used when one
/wants/ to open drawers automatically, but Org should not open drawers
by default, exactly because they are drawers.

There are special cases which I understand.  If Org wants to directly
show a CLOCK: line which is within a drawer, I find it very normal than
that line is revealed, and the drawer opened automatically to do so.
But then, the clear purpose is to show the CLOCK: line.  When the agenda
switches to the SCHEDULED: line, it should not open the drawer which
follows, this is contrary to the purpose of a drawer.

> When I mark a task WAITING I normally record the reason for WHY it is
> waiting in the LOGBOOK as a note.  SPC in the agenda on the task
> displays the extra detail and I like this current feature.

If it is indeed a feature, and not just a bug that happens to be
comfortable for you (and uncomfortable for me), maybe it should be
documented where drawers are presented, so users like me would know that
drawers have limitations or exceptions.


P.S. All this being said, this is a detail, which is not worth a crusade
:-).  Org mode is immensely usable.  I merely see that what seems a bug
to me is a feature for someone else.  If there is no bug in the program,
there is a bug in the documentation, which promised incorrectly.

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