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Re: [O] Hack: org-agenda-cache.el

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [O] Hack: org-agenda-cache.el
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 22:48:13 +0100

On 16.1.2012, at 17:31, Max Mikhanosha wrote:

> Hi Carsten,
> At Mon, 16 Jan 2012 16:40:01 +0100,
> Carsten Dominik wrote:
>> On 16.1.2012, at 13:18, Carsten Dominik wrote:
>> Sorry, I am talking about `org-agenda-markers', and indeed, some
>> care has to be taken here.  Basically, the function
>> org-agenda-new-marker needs to be modified to take a buffer as an
>> argument, and then to push the new marker on the list of markers in
>> that buffer.  Also, org-agenda-save-markers-in-region needs to be
>> modified.
>> OK, this is a bit complicated, I am willing to help.  If you make a
>> new patch that implements the multibuffer stuff in org-agenda, I
>> will look at the marker issues and implement them.
> Cool, I'll redo it and submit a patch in the next few days. The plan
> is:
>  - Multi-buffer support (ie buffer-local vars) goes in
>    unconditionally, since I think there is no way to undo making
>    variable buffer local, and if there is, it would make toggling on/off
>    function really complicated.

Not really, there is `kill-local-variable'.  But I agree, not big
reason to make it possible to turn it off.

>    About the markers, what about if I call to clean them up
>    kill-buffer-hook? This will work even if user kills the buffer
>    manually, not just on q key.

Sounds good, make sure to add to the kill-buffer-hook *locally*,
using org-add-hook (for XEmacs compatibility).

>  - The "use existing buffer, and bury on quit" toggle needs a new
>    name org-agenda-reuse-buffers? Wanderlust has a similar mechanism
>    and its called "sticky summary buffers", so maybe
>    org-agenda-buffer-sticky?

Sounds good to me.

>  - The C-u r that you suggested to kill all buffers is already taken
>    by "reload with a
>    search string", so I think for cleanup bindings could be:
>    q          -> kill buffer or bury if enabled
>    Q          -> always kill
>    C-u Q      -> kill all agenda buffers (ie cleanup)


>    Now that I'm thinking it also needs to keep track of all agenda
>    buffers, so need a global list. The kill-buffer hook should work
>    there too.

You can also loop over all buffers and find the ones which
are in org-agenda-mode.  This is a bit easier than keeping
track of them.


- Carsten

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