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[O] Bug: org-get-current-options uses fixed format-time-string [7.6]

From: Diego Sevilla Ruiz
Subject: [O] Bug: org-get-current-options uses fixed format-time-string [7.6]
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 13:44:14 +0100
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Hi all:

org-get-current-options uses the following line to fill the `#+DATE:' property in a new file:

(format-time-string (substring (car org-time-stamp-formats) 1 -1))

While this is correct, I think it is too much tightly coupled with the org-time-stamp-formats constant defined in org.el.

I would like to suggest to add a new defun (possibly interactive) to add a plain actual date. Something along the lines of:

(defun org-current-time-stamp-string ()
  "Returns the current time stamp string in the org format."
  (format-time-string (substring (car org-time-stamp-formats) 1 -1)))

(defun org-insert-current-time-stamp-string ()
  "Insert at point the current time stamp string in the org format."
  (insert (org-current-time-stamp-string)))

If those functions already exist, it would be then more appropriate to use them in that function `org-get-current-options`.

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Package: Org-mode version 7.6
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