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[O] C-u C-c C-q refuses to work, sometimes

From: François Pinard
Subject: [O] C-u C-c C-q refuses to work, sometimes
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 13:06:37 -0500

Hi to my fellow Orgers!

In (org) Setting tags, there is in the paragraph for `C-c C-q

  When called with a `C-u' prefix, all tags in the current buffer will
  be aligned to that column, just to make things look nice.

If I open file "epsilon.org" with the cursor at the very beginning, just
before "#+TITLE:', command `C-u C-c C-q' yields:

  Before first headline at position 1 in buffer epsilon.org

in the minibuffer, and reformatting does not occur.  When I advance a
few lines until the first header, the command works as expected.

Since the command is meant to adjust all tags in the current buffer, I
would think the cursor should not have to be somewhere in particular
before issuing it.  Agreed?


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