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Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 13:33:31 -0700

Hi Nicolas,

On 2012-01-21, Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:
> You can then access to the dispatcher with M-x org-export-dispatch and
> test various configurations from there.

There is a problem with the dispatcher that prevents me from testing.
It exceeds 78 columns, but more importantly, it does not allow
scrolling.  My screen height is too small.  For an example of a menu
that is accessible, please see Magit's, which allow scrolling.  (I
realize this has nothing to do with your exporter.)  I can't tell if
c-c c-e A is yours or the old one.  Assuming it's yours, I am getting
a lot of:


type things instead of indentation.

I like the way links are glossed at the end of each section instead of
the end of the whole subtree.  That is best.

I'd like it if the link were indented by 2 spaces underneath the
label, so it doesn't exceed the column.

> As a reminder, you can ask for a table of contents, list of tables and
> list of listings with, respectively, "#+toc: headlines", "#+toc: tables"
> and "#+toc: listings". Also, drawers[1] are exported transparently by
> default.

Great feature.


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