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Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine

From: Thomas S. Dye
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] ASCII back-end for new export engine
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 09:21:07 -1000

Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I've commited an ASCII back-end for new export engine.
> Assuming contrib directory is in your load-path, you just need to
> (require 'org-export) to have both LaTeX and ASCII exporters ready to
> boot.
> You can then access to the dispatcher with M-x org-export-dispatch and
> test various configurations from there.
> As a reminder, you can ask for a table of contents, list of tables and
> list of listings with, respectively, "#+toc: headlines", "#+toc: tables"
> and "#+toc: listings". Also, drawers[1] are exported transparently by
> default.
> Feedback is welcome.
> Regards,
> [1] properties drawers excepted: those are different elements anyway.
Aloha Nicolas,

I think there might be a problem with the regular expression for
captions on line 703 or org-e-latex.el.  I have a dim understanding of
regular expressions and the various parsers, but I suspect the problem
is in this part: [^][]. 

At any rate, this input:
#+CAPTION: [An example photograph]{An example photograph}.
#+LABEL: fig:photo

yields this (unexpected) output:
\caption{\label{fig:photo}[An example photograph]\{An example photograph\}.}

All the best,
Thomas S. Dye

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