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Re: [O] [bugs] Export to HTML requires issuing org-babel-execute-buffer;

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] [bugs] Export to HTML requires issuing org-babel-execute-buffer; results replace fails
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 10:58:42 -0700
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Leo Alekseyev <address@hidden> writes:

> Since all source blocks are evaluated on export, I don't think it
> should be necessary to issue org-babel-execute-buffer before invoking
> export.  However, running HTML export without org-babel-execute-buffer
> currently produces garbage output.

What do you mean by "garbage" output?

> On the other hand, I have several examples where running HTML export
> _after_ org-babel-execute-buffer produces the wrong output due to the
> fact that :results replace directive appears to append instead of
> replacing the output

Could you isolate a minimal example demonstrating just the failure of
results replacement?


> I am attaching three simple examples where I simulate generating and
> exporting image data (I just generate and print filenames).  If I
> understand the documentation correctly, they are all supposed to
> produce identical output on HTML export; however, none of the files
> produces the expected output, namely, blocks of the form:
> ----
> | some output
> | images/conv1.png
> |
> | images/conv1.png
> \--
> Here, the first two lines should be enclosed in a code block, and the
> last line should be raw org output.
> To reproduce, load any of my examples, do
> C-c C-e h <- will produce garbage output on export
> C-c C-v b <- will produce expected output in the buffer
> C-c C-e h <- will produce extraneous output on export despite :results
> replace being on
> C-c C-v b <- will produce extraneous output in the buffer
> This was tested on my test-export4.org, but the other examples behave
> in a similar fashion.
> --Leo

Eric Schulte

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